About JMD Quality Construction

JMD Quality Construction is a family-owned business that planted its roots in 2004 when Jacek Blaszkiewicz, a Polish immigrant established the organization in New Jersey to serve the remodeling needs of homeowners. After much hard work and success of bringing creativity to remodels, Jack refocused the company vision to include custom builds and commercial buildouts. However, he needed a location where he could expand on his dream without the added expenses of tearing down existing structures in an overcrowded city. Jack knew Florida has emerging communities where he could take on these projects without the added expenses thus allowing him to embark on his vision. He relocated the family to Palm Coast Florida in 2018 to peruse his dream. Once settled, Jack reestablished the family business to include custom builds and commercial buildouts.

Currently, 20 years after establishing the company in New Jersey, JMD Quality Construction is thriving in Palm Coast and has grown into a full-service firm that specializes in residential builds and commercial buildouts. The foundation of the organization is still very much alive and services homeowners and commercial clients with remodels that include kitchens, bathrooms, offices, finish basements, painting (interior and exterior), and furnishes and installs decks, patios and additions.

JMD Quality Construction is knowledgeable and experienced in offering the most modern techniques in lighting, flooring, and painting. JMD Quality Construction has left their mark on many homes and businesses, from complete builds, total remodels, and simply updating existing areas.

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